ED Rotation


The Emergency Department offers assigned rotations and electives to NYMC Students and Touro PA students. Outside rotators or observers may also be accommodated, upon individual consideration. Please contact Waleska Ovalles at Waleska.Ovalles@nychhc.org or Dr. David Toro (clerkship director) at David.Toro@nychhc.org.

Students work directly with residents and attendings. Upon seeing patients, students present cases to the residents, and the resident-student team discusses management of patients with attendings. This offers the most complete educational opportunity. Students will follow results of lab work, imaging studies and EKGs involved in each case, and therefore build his/her understanding of each diagnostic modality. Students also have an opportunity to learn how to perform common ED procedures, and in many cases, will complete the procedure.

Rotators through the ED attend didactic EM Conferences on Wednesday mornings. In addition to students, the ED provides rotations for MHC’s podiatric, dental and medicine residents.