Resident Wellness

Burnout is defined as physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress and is very prevalent among residents today. A recent survey done by the Committee of Interns and Residents (CIR) established that 62% of residents have felt so burned out that is has affected their work. Many residents tend to prioritize the needs of their patients over their own well-being. This in turn leads to the deterioration of physician mental and physical wellbeing and the net result is an overall compromise in patient safety.

At our program, we do everything we can to minimize resident burnout and create an enjoyable and healthy work environment. With the support of CIR and our faculty we were able to fund an overnight resident wellness retreat dedicated to improving mental health and job satisfaction. We were able to identify key factors contributing to resident burnout and empower residents to bring positive changes to the department. We plan to continue this work and support resident wellness!