Salary & Benefits


The residency program receives funds from each of the 3 participating hospitals. The 2013-14 annual salary based on PGY level is as follows:

  • PGY 1 = $59,874
  • PGY 2 = $62,350
  • PGY 3 = $67,303

Residents receives benefits from their individual sponsoring institution as well as from CIR (discussed below). Benefits include: health insurance, 403B retirement fund, $2,900 per year meal stipend added to your paycheck, $600 per year educational fund, $1500 conference reimbursement for senior residents, access to Rosetta Stone at no cost to you, and subsidized parking at Metropolitan Hospital ($90 per month).

The Committee of Interns and Residents (CIR) is a labor union that represents residents in various institutions across the country. This union was influential in aiding the passage of the 405 regulations nationally. Through CIR residents receive many benefits including: a stipend for educational resources (i.e. books, test fees, palm-pilots), dental insurance, vision insurance, death and disability insurance, among others. Our very own Dr. Samrina Kahlon (2013 graduate of our residency program and currently doing an administrative fellowship at Metropolitan Hospital) is the Regional Vice President for CIR New York.